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Welcome to Monograms n' More

mnm2006.jpg Welcome to Monograms n' More & please excuse the way our website looks.  We are a small business whose owners are not savvy in website setup nor do we have the budget to hire someone to do our website.  So we are doing it ourselves.

What we lack in website skills we make up in our Custom Embroidery, custom t-shirts, vinyl designs, rhinestone designs n' More.  Several of our customers are looking for ideals how to do Apparel Decoration so we thought showing some of our products would help.  We will take the time to work with you so give us a call.  We accept your items or you can order from us.  We get next day delivery from most of our vendors.  

We are adding products daily so please keep checking in.  If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve or add something else please let us know.  

Thank you for your understanding

Jackie & Mike



Monograms n' More a brief history

Monograms n’ More has been offering custom embroidery to the Houston, Texas area, since it was started in 1981 by Shirley Vogeley and Joella Toler.  We still offer that same quality of service that our customers have learned to expect over the years: treating you honestly, providing quality products, standing by our work, and taking the time to work with you on your order.  We are here to help you personalize your world whether it is a business, organization, sports team, club, church, baby gift, wedding gift, or that special gift for someone.

 Here’s a quick recap:.

1985 - Shirley sold the business to three ladies, Cherie Shireman, Judy Pursell, and Lil Tharp.  Lil sold her share of the store after a couple of years.  In 1989 the ladies bought a 4 head, 6 needle Melco Superstar.    Each alphabet was on its own circuit board.  Digitized programs were read on a mini floppy disk.  Its top stitching speed was 600 spm.

December 1998 - The two partners, ready to just enjoy being grandmothers, sold the business to Sandy Smith.  Sandy then moved the business to her embroidery shop in the Spring, Texas area  and owned the business for 7 1/2 years.   In 2003  the machines were updated to 3 Melco AMAYA machines.  They had 16 needles, ran independently of each other, and received their programs directly from the computer.  Top stitching speed was 1500 spm!

March 2006 - Monograms n' More was sold to Jackie & Mike Larson who moved the business to /Conroe, Texas.   In 2009 Monograms n’ More and completed our upgrade to 3 Melco Amaya XT embroidery machines.   We have also been busy expanding our business lines with rhinestones, custom t-shirt designs with screen printing and vinyl designs plus a full range of promotional products for self individuals, small business, schools, churches and mid to large business. 

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